Weird cyberpunk game has pounding electronic soundtrack

Electronic musician Tettix's latest is Cool Pizza, the soundtrack to a bizarre and brutally difficult iOS game by the same name, which renders Space Harrier-style gameplay in pink spot color and halftone patterns. "This is different from most of my stuff," writes T. "It's fast and furious cyperpunk and all the titles are demonic pizza toppings."


  1. Search for Cool Pizza in appstore doesn’t bring me this result. Maybe it’s not for US people, or maybe it’s not for ipod people, ipad people instead?

  2. This is why it is actually a disservice to write about an app, or a book, when the app or the ebook version aren’t available yet. No impulse buy! Not that I have an iPhone or was going to buy it but.. ;) I’m talking about buying digital copies. Not forgetting about it then being reminded buy a physical shop display and then buying.

    This happened to me with Ian McDonald’s Be My Enemy too. After seeing it on BB, I read the first book of the series, and hearing it would be out soon read the first five chapters. I really wanted to buy the ebook, and even emailed the publisher (doesn’t sell ebooks). Well I see it is out now but I gave up and have read four books since then. I will probably read it one day, but it isn’t so urgent anymore.

    Now that I think about it I did enjoy the series so far, so I’d like to recommend Ian McDonald, but I think BB might want to think twice about doing a story when it is not possible to actually buy the work at the exact time it is posted. As for that game? If I did have an iOS device I might have bought it for kicks even though I very seldom buy games. As it is, I won’t.

    1. That’s a cool video but had no influence on the design, I’ve never seen it before today. The style is combination of skate sticker art and early black and white Macintosh graphics. The video compression kind of screws it up, looks better on the phone. Speaking of which, the game is now out and free to download

      Snow Crash was definitely on my mind though.

  3. Thank you, BB, for bringing this to my attention.  It’s tidbits like this–stuff that would otherwise fly under my radar–that makes this site so fantastic.

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