How records are made


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  1. How It’s Made did a really great video on cutting vinyl:

  2. Hugh Johnson says:

    How records “were” made.

    Although, the process probably hasn’t changed much.

  3. Ratdog says:

    The Dead Weather had a pretty cool music video for Will There Be Enough Water that all had to do with vinyl production.

  4. Orion Salvaje says: has this short movie about record manufacturing in 1942. Compared with the How It’s Made linked above I can say that announcer styles have changed more than vinyl manufacturing.

  5. kmoser says:

    What’s a record?

  6. Doran says:

    I don’t miss the pops and scratches. I don’t miss having to get up every 20 minutes to change the record. I don’t miss discs melting in the car on the way home from the record store.

    But oh how I miss the artwork on those big LP jackets.

  7. Roy Trumbull says:

    Self publishing was always a problem. The least number you could have pressed was 500. Buying 1000 was better but in both cases you had to store them somewhere until sold. 

  8. acerplatanoides says:

    Permanent records are made by skipping class and smoking cigarettes. 

  9. Kimmo says:

    This picture looks like it’s begging for one of those witty captions some folks excel at…

    Help me out here.

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