The NFL ref strike is over, but The Daily Show still got to make jokes about it with Patrick Stewart

Monday Night Debacle-ball apparently was the last straw: Late last night, the NFL and the union representing the striking referees finally came to a tentative agreement, and the professional referees will be back on the field tonight. But since The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is taped earlier in the day, they were still making jokes about the scabs -- and brought in some of their own. The only hitch? The replacement correspondents were more talented than the regulars. And one of them was Shakespearean theater actor and former Captain of the USS Enterprise, Sir Patrick Stewart. Just don't tell Sir Patrick how much the correspondents are paid. (via The Daily Show)


    1. The same mistake was made in her previous article and was again corrected in the first comment. Its somewhat unfortunate that Jamie finds the lockout interesting enough to write about multiple times and yet the situation resolved itself without her understanding what was going on.

  1. What it really took was Scott Walker weighing in with his demands that the NFL honor the hard working union members in their quest for good pensions. Yep, that’s what it took.

  2. I remember the writer’s strike at the Daily Show… John Oliver got a lot of airtime because the conditions of his visa prevented him from striking.

  3. Over paid referees ajudging plays by over paid players to be aired by over paid sports networks shown to under paid or unemployed men encouraged by wealthy Sponsers to buy more things with their unemployment checks.

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