The Saturday Night Live reality show that (thankfully) wasn't

Bradford Evans at Splitsider has delved into the aborted attempt at an American Idol-style competition show in which the ultimate prize was becoming an actual featured player on Saturday Night Live. It was 2005, and it almost happened, but it didn't because for just one important moment, an angel appeared on Lorne Michaels' shoulder and said, "Don't do this." And Lorne listened. That angel got its wings that day, and they were the fanciest, fastest, and strongest wings that ever carried a celestial being. (via Splitsider)


  1. I don’t know.  I’d probably rather watch that than the actual SNL or some talent show with caterwauling “singers”.  Hmm, I guess that’s not saying much.

  2. For at least the second time, you “review” something that you haven’t seen (or doesn’t exist) as if it had pissed on your favorite shoes. For someone who bills herself as “the last person on the internet who likes things!” this seems odd.

    1. I’m inclined to think that there’s at least a 4/5 chance that any reality show that doesn’t get made is doing humanity a favour.

      I’m thinking of exceptions like Grand Designs, and wondering if there’s any such thing as a tolerable American reality show.

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