Mystery around anti-muslim filmmaker and fraudster deepens as yet another alias is revealed

As if "Sam Bacile," "PJ Tobacco," and dozens more colorful fake names weren't enough, the "Innocence of Muslims" guy apparently had yet another alias. A California judge has detained him for violating the terms of his probation by using a computer to make and upload the crappy and controversial film to YouTube.


  1. If offenders COULD be legally detained for “using a computer to make and upload the crappy and controversial film to YouTube”, the internet would be a much quicker place to navigate.

  2. Slight quarrel:  I don’t think we know yet what the eight charges in the revocation petition are.  The charging document is still under seal.  I haven’t seen any news stories listing the eight charges.  I suppose they COULD be eight counts of computer use — but I suspect we’ll see counts for using an alias in violation of his terms of release and failing to disclose bank accounts and transactions to the probation officer in violation of his terms of release.

    The distinction is quite significant to evaluating whether the charges are politically motivated.

  3. Funny, I have begun to suspect that the timing for the YouTube upload and subsequent promotion of it to Egyptian news contacts had the eerie hallmarks of an attempt to cause Obama problems just prior to election. Perhaps there is a money trail

    1. Funnier, because some on the right are saying Obama somehow secretly fostered this fiasco in order to bolster his image.  Tin foil hats for everybody!

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