Pennsylvania police post perp pix on Pinterest

The Pottstown Mercury, a newspaper in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, recently started posting police mugshots of wanted criminals on Pinterest. Sounds crazy, right? Well, the novel use of a social networking site known best for nail art, cupcakes, and motivational posters with bad typography has become quite a success for local law enforcement. As you can see by scrolling through the board, users are sharing comments on where police might look for each wanted man or woman. Here's an interview with one of the paper's "Pinners," and more context on Poynter. According to an interview with police in the Pottstown Mercury, the project has resulted in a 58% increase in arrests.


        1. Better make sure you have handcuffs ready, just in case. Or at least some kind of leather wrist restraints.

          1. [EDIT: I initially misread that response, have since used google-machine to learn the meaning of the phrase. Carry on.]

          2. It’s too old and general to be purely a Britishism, going back at least as far as 1700, with related sayings going back a century or two before that.

          3. I initially assumed it to be a variant of “go suck an egg,” which is sometimes used as a PG-rated way of telling someone to go fuck themselves.

  1. English is very flexible. When you’re looking to do alliteration, try eliminating the odd word out by just doing a grammatical switcheroo. Instead of:

    Pennsylvania police post
    perp pix on Pinterest

    How about…

    Pennsylvania police post
    Pinterest perp pix

    See? No ungainly “on” in there. Try it yourself at home!

  2. Agents of the government can call these citizens “Suspects”, maybe.  

    But the government doesn’t get to label them “Perpetrators” or “Perps” until/unless they’re proven guilty in a court of law.

    1. Pure pedantry. The perp walk is a time-honored media tradition. This just expands it to social media. Bound to happen sooner or later, but still cool.

  3. Always comforting to be reminded how eager people are to rat others out for a pat on the head by the authorities.

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