This Friday, procrastinate with history!

Perhaps you will enjoy this in-depth analysis of the history of Roman charioteers, their sport, and their role in ancient Roman society. I haven't had a chance to read through this whole thing yet (because, you know, I have to work) but what I have read is fascinating. Be sure to check out the Appendix, which has a translation of a Roman account of a chariot race — so, basically, ancient ESPN play-by-play. (Via Dr. Hypercube)


  1. Interesting, I didn’t realize that the chariots were almost completely covered in the brightly-colored logos of corporate sponsors.

    1. You mean the blue, green, red, and white? Because sports steams still have colors to this day, and commercial as those are, it’s not the same thing as the sponsors they advertize.

      Rome had lots of sponsorship and advertizing by very rich people, just like today – but so far as I know, those people still tended to be humans.

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