Ye Smokiana: 1890 study of smoking



RT Pritchett's Ye Smokiana, from 1890, appears to a very informative "historical" and "ethnographical" study of smoking. It's illustrated with beautiful color drawings smoking implements from around the world, more specifically "pipes of all nations." Ye Smokiana is now on the auction block at eBay. Ye Smokiana (Thanks, Randall de Rijk!)


  1. That’s Þe, not Ye. The thorn, pronounced like the ‘th’ in ‘the’ and often ligatured with the letter e (like we do by combining ‘et’ into an ampersand), was almost indistinguishable from the letter Y in the middle English era blackletter – but is distinct.

    It’s correctly written as ‘Þe’ or ‘the’, not ‘ye’. :)

    1. My favorite misuse of the thorn (which is much misused in the Boston area) was Ye Olde Helpy Selfy laundromat, “helpy selfy” being pseudo-Chinese and the whole thing written in a pseudo-Chinese font.

  2. I confess to curiosity as to which of the boing boing staff smoke tobacco cigarettes, either regularly or on-occasion.

  3. Hokey-Smoki, Smoki-oki-aan
    Okey-Dokey, anybody can
    (Smoki-Smoki) man, oh man, oh man
    You sing a-bing-a-bang-a-bingo
    In hokey-pokey Smokiaan

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