Boppo the Bad Breath Clown (vintage ad)

Image Link. A cheerful, totally non-creepy ad from days of yore, scanned and uploaded to the Boing Boing Flickr Pool by reader v.valenti.


    1. Well, apparently Boppo’s friend thinks she pushes bad product, and Boppo was dumb enough to buy it.

      Anyway, what with the name Boppo’s parents stuck him with, it was a no-brainer he’d run away and join the circus.

  1. If you just look at the pictures, it looks like Boppo sees a doctor to get his make-up or facial tats removed.

    I was kinda hoping the lion tamer would give advice to Harry about how to win her back. Just keep manipulating them and watching the fun, maybe so those two would burn out and he’d get Celeste for himself. Because cynicism.

  2. All the  kids knew that you really, really, had to be careful not to pop Boppo’s balloon animals. 

  3. How tragic: Harry and Boppo seem to be made for each other – so smartly dressed and all – guess Harry will have to settle for Mr. Mustache. Didn’t realize that Colgate’s mad men were so -uhm- sophisticated.

  4. So, Mr. Moustache is a teleporter? Look at the way he’s on Boppo’s left in the second panel, and then suddenly on Boppo’s right in the third panel. Boppo is understandably startled. For reasons of space, they cut out the panel where Boppo says “Stop doing that! You scare the living crap out of me!”

  5. I’d like to see the second page, where Harry attacks Boppo with his whip, but Boppo seizes the whip and strangles Harry. Boppo runs away from the circus to join an accounting firm and get a fresh start. Celeste ends up with the ringmaster. She quits performing and becomes the circus’s road manager, displaying a surprising skill at administration.

  6. “So, Celeste’s crack really got you down, Boppo!” This could be an ad for FDS or Massengil.

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