Great Graphic Novels: The Cereal Killings by James Sturm


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  1. L_Mariachi says:

    This is far more haunting than the lame titular pun would suggest. So many ways the conceit could have been played superficially (lovable children’s characters being surly alcoholics and perverts in “real life” was done to death long before Krusty the Klown (Mickey Rat and Wally Wood’s “Disneyland Memorial Orgy” are two examples that spring to mind)) but Sturm really nailed the pathos.

  2. Tod Booth says:

    Thrilled to see one of all-time favorite obscure comics series getting its due. I’ve always held out hope it would be discovered and turned into an HBO series.

  3. I found this well worth the time spent reading it.

  4. Hollando says:

    I have to mention Brendan Jones’  “Breakfast of the Gods”  webcomic.


  5. mbishop says:

    I love the reviews of these great comics, but I have to say that it’s very frustrating to be so excited for something good and then not able to buy it.

  6. Sungkyu says:

    I too loved the series when it first came out, but didn’t realize it had an ending! 

  7. Thank You. This book of genius is criminally unsung.  Beautifully written and imagined into existence. The Scarecrow’s words and spirit are transcendent.

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