Howard Rheingold's Mind Amplifier ebook


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  1. lecti says:

    It’s a very interesting topic.

    I read it briefly, but it seems to be nothing but collection of historical tidbits with what can be identified as “mind amplification” tools from what exists to this day.  It’s rather descriptive with very little synthesis. It probably could have been better if the concept of mind amplification could be abstracted further – the whole thrust of the mini essay seems to be that modern information tools should be consciously created to make us more intelligent, but the examples given doesn’t seem to be rigorously thought out to show us exactly how we design such tools, and how to measure its performance.  

    I loved “The Information” that Cory has recommended in the past, but this one, not so much.

    Have I missed something here?

  2.  I’m just impressed by the name “Rheingold” and think there should also be a Howard Walkure, Howard Siegfried and Howard Gotterdammerung to balance that out.

    But regarding his insight that maybe our digital tools could make us better… how is that a new idea?  That’s been the stated promise of every new communication technology since the telegraph.

    I hope he writes better than whoever wrote the TED blurb for him. 

  3. John Sweden says:

    “…leverage our ability to think, communicate, and cooperate” – Now there’s a worthy goal. Not much of that in the world at the moment.

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