Mind bending music mash up


11 Responses to “Mind bending music mash up”

  1. oldtaku says:

    This actually disturbed the cats. Normally they’re oblivious to whatever’s playing, from classical to heavy metal to rap to acapella. They just fled the room.

    This definitely cries out for heavy clouds of Heavy Duty Fruity.

  2. Charlie B says:

    I think I prefer the duet to either alone.

  3. Jeff LeBel says:

    I wish you (or they) had done the work for me to sync them up…I’m lazy.  Sounds like LCD Soundsystem, actually…But maybe that’s just me being lazy again.

  4. gws says:

    Just imagine a manic, science-and-history-obsessed doppelgänger of Scott Walker (c. 1968/9) singing over this, and it sounds just like Simon Bookish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-SYtAdDf10

  5. Cornan says:

    I just keep expecting them to synch up at some point and they never do. It’s like an awesome track with a xylophonist who’s out of time.

  6. This mesmerized me completely – no surprise since I am a HUGE Terry Riley fan, and also have a guilty pleasure streak for disco. I can’t believe I never thought of this.  I am literally throwing this a DJ set very soon.

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