Seth MacFarlane tapped for the Oscars


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  1. The hosts on SNL have been stepping up their game, but what’s with the repeat last Saturday night? I miss the days when the TV season began and then the series ran new shows until the season was over. (Sigh.) (And I miss the dinosaurs.)

  2. Jon Bakos says:

    Maybe he can spin off his Oscar hosting into an animated sit-com about a quirky but lovable family.

  3. yupgiboy says:

    I think it’s a terrible idea, personally. 3+ hours of Pop Culture references disguised as jokes? I’ll pass.

    “Let’s see who’s in the audience tonight… Hey, Julia Roberts… Pretty Woman!” (Audience doubled over with laughter)

  4. I don’t miss the “digital shorts”.  As a pre-recorded segment that has more opportunity to be fine tuned and polished they were surprisingly uninteresting and over-long compared to typical live segments of the show.

  5. waksawak says:

    This is fine.  Who cares who hosts the Oscars?  Very few people remember or watch.  It’s at least interesting and doesn’t skew to the 60 and older crowd.  He will be serviceable and everyone wil snark appropriately .  Thus the planets will remain in line in the world of pop culture.  However, I laughed way too hard at this clip as this is what it is like anytime I come back home.  Usually involving my father’s old ties displaying various majestic animals or his pants from when he retired from work 15 years ago.  

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Who cares who hosts the Oscars? Very few people remember or watch.

      I’d say that more people remember the hosts than remember some of the pathetic films that have won Best Picture.

  6. jennybean42 says:

    Is that really his dad?

  7. franko says:

    this assures i won’t tune in. i’ve always hated Family Guy, and American Dad has was even less enjoyable.

  8. Dad’s bathing suit = Seinfeld.

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