Seth MacFarlane tapped for the Oscars

Very groovy news coming through the entertainment pipeline this morning as we find out who will host the Oscars: Seth MacFarlane! The Family Guy and American Dad creator, who just opened up Saturday Night Live's new season with a bang, has been chosen to host the next Academy Awards telecast early next year. Hopefully, he will show up to rehearsal this time! (video link)

And speaking of Saturday Night Live, they have announced their October lineup of hosts and musical guests: This Saturday, October 6 will be Daniel Craig with musical guest Muse, October 13 will be Christina Applegate -- coming back for her second time as host -- with musical guest Passion Pit, and October 20 will welcome Bruno Mars, who will do double duty as host and musical guest. (That would have been such a great Digital Short, so can Andy Samberg and Co. please come back to do just one? If anyone knows the correct person to bribe, please let me know.)

Seth MacFarlane's Big News [Oscars on YouTube]

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  1. The hosts on SNL have been stepping up their game, but what’s with the repeat last Saturday night? I miss the days when the TV season began and then the series ran new shows until the season was over. (Sigh.) (And I miss the dinosaurs.)

  2. I think it’s a terrible idea, personally. 3+ hours of Pop Culture references disguised as jokes? I’ll pass.

    “Let’s see who’s in the audience tonight… Hey, Julia Roberts… Pretty Woman!” (Audience doubled over with laughter)

  3. I don’t miss the “digital shorts”.  As a pre-recorded segment that has more opportunity to be fine tuned and polished they were surprisingly uninteresting and over-long compared to typical live segments of the show.

  4. This is fine.  Who cares who hosts the Oscars?  Very few people remember or watch.  It’s at least interesting and doesn’t skew to the 60 and older crowd.  He will be serviceable and everyone wil snark appropriately .  Thus the planets will remain in line in the world of pop culture.  However, I laughed way too hard at this clip as this is what it is like anytime I come back home.  Usually involving my father’s old ties displaying various majestic animals or his pants from when he retired from work 15 years ago.  

    1. Who cares who hosts the Oscars? Very few people remember or watch.

      I’d say that more people remember the hosts than remember some of the pathetic films that have won Best Picture.

  5. this assures i won’t tune in. i’ve always hated Family Guy, and American Dad has was even less enjoyable.

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