"It’s a little bit like being in a space station. I have been in solitary confinement and this isn’t comparable to the difficulties in prison. I have complete control within a small environment and it enables me to do what is most important, which is to protect my work from the attacks it is under." From Julian Assange speaks out about living in a one-room embassy refuge with a mattress on the floor and a blue lamp to mimic daylight, your Daily Mail headline of the day.

10 Responses to “Julian Assange speaks about his life inside the Ecuadorean embassy in London”

  1. How much money is it costing to maintain that enormous police presence around the embassy?  Just wondering…

  2. Dlo Burns says:

    I think I’d snap and think I was on a old sailboat and think the police were pirates dogging us,

  3. Robert says:

    “And they give me pencils and books so that when a secret needs to be kept, I can protect it!”

  4. Lobster says:

    “It’s a little like being in a space station: I’m the only person that matters in hundreds of miles.”

  5. Vitaly Ivachin says:

     Well he’s officially declared an enemy of the state by the US. So I’d assume the moment he steps out a drone will bomb him.

  6. So what happens next?..

  7. cake and a file just wont help will it..how can we make america go away..So you can come home…^ i am enemy of the state..there are hundred’s of us… as you would know.

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