Kindle Paperwhite reviewed


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  1. Teirhan says:

    It looks like a really nice reader.  On the other hand, from the images I’ve seen it doesn’t really make THAT big a jump over the nook simple touch w/ glowlight.  Maybe it’s much more noticeably different when you have both readers in hand.

    I’m happy with my NSTw/glowlight, but at the end of the day for me it’s as much about ecosystem as it is about the device.  B&N’s ecosystem is less broad than Amazon’s but with Nooks (which are android based) you have the choice of rooting and gaining access to multiple ecosystems.  I don’t use it much anymore as I prefer to purchase .epub books when possible, but I have my NST rooted and I have the amazon kindle app installed in case they ever have something I want that B&N doesn’t have.  In my mind, that’s the real choice you make with nook vs kindle: the possibility of multiple ecosystems, or just amazon’s. 

    In any case, there’s real competition in the eReader space currently, and that’s a net win for us consumers.  I’m excited to see what comes next from both lines.  :)

  2. There’s also the Kobo Glo –

    I don’t like how the Kindle doesn’t read ePubs.

  3. Kludgegrrl says:

     Yeah, I’m not crazy about the kindle for that reason either…  Obviously different devices suit different folks, but it bugs me how Kobo tends to get left out of the conversation.  Maybe because it’s Canadian??

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