Monster Briefs, "for the guy who has everything" (vintage ad)

Scanned and shared in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool by v.valenti.


  1. What would be worse, finding a pair of these in an attic that were still in the package and in pristine condition or a pair that were stained and well-worn?

    And what exactly does ‘100% stretchable’ mean? There is not a single percent that cannot stretch? The underwear can stretch to 100% of its original size?

  2. Oh man…it would have been EPIC if Freddie Mercury knew about, and was able to obtain these.

    (I assume he didn’t know about and/or wasn’t able to obtain these ’cause I’m sure he woulda worn ’em if he did.)

  3. I miss 4E’s Famous Monsters Of Filmland so much. I wanted EVERYTHING in the Captain Company catalog.

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