Swedish police raid ISP for Pirate Bay and Wikileaks

Swedish news service nyheter24.se reports that authorities have raided web host PeRiQuito AB (PRQ). Police in Stockholm took four of the free-speech ISP's servers, PRQ owner Mikael Viborg told Nyheter24. Andy Greenberg at Forbes has more:

While a number of bittorrent-based filesharing sites including PRQ’s most notorious client, the Pirate Bay, have been down for most of Monday as well as PRQ’s own website, Viborg told the Swedish news site that the site outages were the result of a technical issue, rather than the police’s seizure of servers. And it’s not yet clear exactly whose servers the police seized: PRQ’s two thousand or so customers have at times included WikiLeaks, the North America Man-Boy Love Association, Pedophile.se, the Chechen rebel site Kavkaz Central, and the defamation-accused Italian blog known as Perugia Shock, among others.