Thai Navy's "Gangnam Style" YouTube remake lands officers in hot water

The Bangkok Post reports that a senior officer in Thailand's navy was forced to apologize over a silly YouTube video remake of PSY's "Gangnam Style."

Vice Admiral Tharathorn Kajitsuwan, the Third Naval Area commander, said the video was made for entertainment purposes and to be showcased at the unit's annual retirement party. Some senior officers were said to have been offended by the "improper" spectacle of officers in dress whites prancing about, but Commander Surasak Rounroengrom said no harm was done to the Navy's image.

"I told my subordinates that the video should be entertaining to watch and help promote unity in the unit," Vice Adm Tharathorn said on Monday.

The video took three days to film and edit, and was shown at the base’s annual party last week. It shows "white-uniformed sailors in sunglasses galloping through their offices and officers in scuba gear shimmying up the beach."


  1. aww, that was totally FUN! i can’t believe they got in trouble for that. i hope they regret making a big deal out of this. i think it says a lot when your soldiers can get together to do something fun like this with their downtime.

    1. I may be addicted to Gangam Style remakes, but I can’t handle the ones where people lip-synch badly to them. Grrr! Just stop trying and DANCE!

      1. Oh! If that’s the case, then I wholeheartedly approve! That was a travesty. Even the US navy video posted by LinkMan above nailed the beats better, although they also failed to do the distinctive left, right, right, left, right, left, left… Gangnam style dance that most other parodies managed to get right. No excuses for not sticking the beat.

  2. We live in a fucked up world. Had those men killed other men from a different country, they’d be getting promotions. They dance and cheer and they get punished.

    Sometimes I despise humanity. Then I remember I am human myself.


      1. You’ve got to get somebody good. I mean really good. Even then you’re still likely to get your ass kicked in a 4th-sex restroom on S’ri Kando or some wretched nonsense like that. Non-hominds…they can just tell. Not fair, but true.

  3. The Vice Admiral officially apologized;
    “I admit that in some respects it may not be… But if anyone feels discontented or sees it as inappropriate, I apologise.”,
    but I’m betting he’s holding his head up high.

    Admiral Surasak caps it off with “I will only warn them like brothers and there will be no punishment”. I’m hoping for a YouTube bootleg of that high fiving pep talk.

    1. A perfect example of the fake apology.  “I apologize if anybody (is asshole enough to be) offended.”  And I thought that was an American thing.

  4. So, I just search for “thai prison gangnam” for the infamous thai prison dancers. Youtube video was blocked by Sony. WTF? Has Sony diversified into prison based entertainment? 

  5. They came dangerously close to putting themselves in a positive and human light.  Can’t have that now.

  6. I’m sure it’s the coincidence of enlarged and bouncing Thai military tummies and the US military’s complaint about unfit recruits that drove them to the naughty step. They lost face.  They really do look like a bunch of extras from  a mid-70s martial arts flick.

  7. I think this might be the most fun these guys (and woman) have had in ages! Goofy or not, good for them. :)

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