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  1. This pic reminds me of the statue-carving room from DOTT.

  2. GawainLavers says:

    I didn’t think the line belonged to Zappa, but I didn’t realize the rabbit hole was this deep…

    • David Pescovitz says:

      Ha! Thanks! Corrected. 

      • GawainLavers says:

        Heh, probably still needs a Hall of Fame asterisk.  I think I’d heard it applied to Cage, but that probably says more about the kind of people I associate with…

        • Anarcissie says:

           I thought it was Saint Oscar’s.  However, I can’t prove it, and dancing about architecture actually seems like a pretty reasonable way to convey some of the achievements of that field.  I’d like to see dance versions of some of Gaudí’s work! 

    • swlabr says:

      Martin Mull gets less respect than Rodney Dangerfield.  

  3. deadbot says:

    I checked out Boing Boing Music, but I can’t figure out why the Tettix – Cool Pizza OST post isn’t there. The music is amazing and the post was the best tip-off to new music I’ve seen on Boing Boing. I’ve been listening to the Cool Pizza OST and other Tettix music non-stop the past few days.

    • David Pescovitz says:

      Thanks! It’s not there because some of our previous posts aren’t tagged appropriately but hopefully will be at some point.

  4. mrtut says:

    “If architecture was made by freezing music, pop songs would be made of molten shopping mall plazas”

    (Free translation of Max Gold’s adaptation of original Schopenhauer/Goethe quote)

  5. DocPop says:

    I’m glad to see the boing experimenting with more original content, but the lengthy Saturday Night Live and album reviews seem so out of place in my feed. Is there a way to separate them (as well as the weekly comic posts like Tom the Dancing Bug and Hip Hop Family Tree) from the main BB RSS feed?

    Again, I’m happy to see BB branching out, but I’m mostly interested in the news pieces, and this new stuff seems a bit out of place with that.

  6. Dave X says:

    I’m just happy to have a place where all the “cute girls with a ukulele” posts will be safely contained.

  7. rausantaella says:

    Will the music posts be not shared in the regular feed?

    • pesco says:

      Oh yes! Everything will appear on the front page and regular feed. But if you want to explore just the music posts, the new Music page will be just that.

  8. swlabr says:

    So while we’re here, I have a couple of queries:

    Around six or seven months ago on BB, there was a psychedelic thing with video images of a 70′s dancercize girl with boots, and a really odd smirk. What was that?

    Also, last year or so, there was a trip-hop video with interesting scissors-like rhythms, and a lady floating in a triangular fashion, and her boyfriend had a feathered head-dress. What was that?

    Yeah, I am sorry I didn’t favourite them right them, but those images were compelling.

  9. Their feldspars says:

    That photo would make a great album cover.

  10. Beanolini says:

    Krautrock vs. komische?

    It’s ‘kosmische’ (cosmic), not ‘komische’ (comic).

  11. kawayama says:

    the top image is also reacreated in the Einstürzende Neubauten “Blume” video:

    • swlabr says:

       Note to BB editors: EN’s “Blume” is the most interesting short music video I’ve ever seen. Maybe we should program it sometime?

  12. Richard Jee says:

    if the 2 men in the picture are Chester Rice & Edward Kellogg then this is 1920′s. First loudspeakers (designed for cinema i think)

  13. Brostep! Why am I only hearing this word now? I’ve been complaining about this stuff for the past few years (some of which I actually like) – mainly by saying stuff like “This isn’t  dubstep, dammit! There’s more to dubstep than wobbly basslines you bastards!”

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