Cartoon Network celebrates 20 years on the air with a 'toony music video


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  1. robdobbs says:

    Not available in my country – which is Canada you hosers. (We’re slightly more polite here too.)

    Update: Here’s a link to a fairly lowres version:

  2. Bernard Dubuisson says:

    Youtube says I’m not allowed to watch it because of something about where I live.

  3. Mexico is out of play, too. (Not that I really really wanted to watch it.)

  4. theophrastvs says:

    meh, no Venture Brothers?  no Aqua Teen? (“nah, those are like adult-swim, man”) no Invader Zim? (“wait… whut?”)

  5. Supernumerary says:

    I know it wouldn’t have worked stylistically, but am nevertheless disappointed in the lack of ReBoot.

  6. Dan Hibiki says:

    No Home Movies? They started Adult Swim with that show.

  7. sievetronix says:

    I still think Sym Bionic Titan got jobbed

  8. Ingi Erlingsson says:

    Here’s a HD link for those of you not in the US

  9. bcsizemo says:

    I pretty much stopped watching CN once Toonami went off the air the first time…  Besides the Toonami intros where epic.

    (Yes, yes I know it’s back or coming back.)

  10. Emo Pinata says:

    Space Ghost Coast to Coast was before Adult Swim (back when almost every Saturday night was Twilight of the Cockroaches or Vampire Hunter D) and it even spawned Cartoon Planet which was prime time viewing to feature the cartoon cartoon stuff before they were features. I think at least those early shows deserve some more love. Same with the shows now on Boomerang since they were the features back in the day. It’s the whole reason I like Johnny quest so much.

  11. No love for Cow & Chicken :(

  12. Edward Whalley says:

    This is truly lovely.
    And it captures the true sense of wonder that is great animation.

  13. teleny says:

     Truly lovely, it captures the sense of wonder that is great animation.

  14. class_enemy says:

    Aw hell, now I just miss Courage, Samurai Jack, and the Eds even more than I already did.

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