Children’s Hospital upset by creepy clown ads for Rob Corddry's TV show, "Childrens Hospital"

Snip: "People in clown costumes and makeup are not allowed in Children's Hospital Los Angeles.'We do observe a no-clown policy because they can be scary for some kids." More on the controversy surrounding creepy clown billboards for Childrens Hospital. FWIW, I drove by another set of ads for this show every day on the way to radiation treatment this summer, and they totally creeped me out. The ad shown here is a little more distinguishable, but I can totally see how some parents and children might confuse the campaign for the real deal. (


  1. Maybe they should just change the name of the show to avoid a lawsuit. I suggest “Cedars Sinai.”

    1.  Yeah, the show’s been around for a while. I think the actual hospital has little room for complaints over the show name at this point.

      1. Typo, it’s the ad campaign that was new. And the way the ads look, man, I totally get it. IT wasn’t about the name. It was about the ads. The world looks different if you are an actual sick person in a hospital or en route to one every day.

        1. Yeah, I saw one at a bus stop near my home, with Corddry in a bloodstained smock.  I had to drive past it several times before I could figure out WTF it was doing there.  High-grade nightmare fuel.

    1. I wonder if they have a policy on Pennywise costumes?  It’s technically not a clown.  And kids love it!

    2. There is no such thing as a non-scary clown.  Are you thinking of mimes?  I hear clowns like to beat them up.

  2. ‘We do observe a no-clown policy because they can be scary for some kids.’ You mean all kids. That’s right, in a study of 250 children at a hospital every single one said they didn’t like clowns. The clowns were not amused by this study and lodged a protest.

  3. This is one of the best shows on TV, down with the haters. Godamn fun police will have a go at anything. 

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