Creepy vintage novelties (photo gallery)


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  1. MattAtDoyle says:

    The first time I went to the Shine Gallery, I could not tell if I had walked into an actual store or a museum that displayed vintage items. I was almost afraid to touch anything. Great stuff!

  2. glamaFez says:

    I have a cigarette case from that series.  There’s an angry Indian in a war bonnet saying…

  3. I agree with you Mark! I don’t care much for Los Angeles in general but whenever I visit my brother there I always visit the Farmer’s Market as it’s one of the best places in town. I was glad he used to live a few blocks away as that part of town is one of the most walkable parts of the city – lots of cool places accessible on foot, which is unusual for LA!

    • Dlo Burns says:

      LA is an odd beast, it feels like a bunch of neighborhoods stolen from different times and places and sewn together into a franken city. At least until you get to the outer suburbs which are like the ‘burb-iest of all ‘burbs.

  4. Paul Renault says:

    Do they have the little plastic monkeys that smoke cigarettes?

    • Mark_Frauenfelder says:

      How do you think the cigarettes were made?

      • Evil Paul says:

        They were my fave thing I ever bought in a magic store with my limited pocket money as a kid. 

        I remember that the smoke from them smelled like solder smoke, so I’m guessing that they used pine resin. Don’t know how the periodic puffing effect was achieved.

        • usonia says:

           I got curious and unwrapped one once – there were variations in color, implying different materials..maybe little explosive bits (gunpowder or phosphorus?) to make the smoke rings? I loved the way they smelled. They are NOT easy to find now.

  5. Bob Knetzger says:

    Craptastic! What a cool store, great that it’s around. I love a bad novelty as much as the next guy (well, probably more!) but I hope not to see any of these items in a Quarterly&Co offering, Mark. 

    On second thought, what would Randy Regier do…?  Do you think NuPenny had a sister company that made novelties? Hmmmm…

  6. strangefriend says:

    Do they sell horse shit cigarets?

  7. feetleet says:

    For future reference, you should avoid the word ‘novelty’ in pleasant company.  My wife got upset the other day when I used the term ‘booby trap’.  It’s like that.

  8. franko says:

    if this place wasn’t the inspiration for the magic shop in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, i’ll eat my hat.

  9. Kimmo says:

    Re the passive-aggressive inscriptions on cigarette cases, there’s many a milieu where such a thing would be spot-on perfect.

    Some of my friends could use one actually, since I’m attempting to quit and only smoking OPs when drinking…

  10. niktemadur says:

    One more thing about the cigarette cases, they’ve got that “Tijuana Bibles” mystique to them, all the way.

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