Music Appreciation: Global Bass


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  1. yabonn says:

    From Francis Bebey to Pendejas.

    Thanks for the ride!

  2. Judonerd says:

    A HELL of an article. I’ll be sorting through these links for weeks.

  3. mehilow says:

    Hell yeah  - I know what I’ll be playing at work tommorrow! Thanks for this trip!

  4. Jeremy LaGant says:

    When did State Farm buy Boingboing?

  5. solstone says:

    Great article! And thank you for introducing me to Spoek Mathambo. Spent an hour last night watching all of his stuff on youtube.

    I agree with Judonerd, in that I will still be going through these links for a while…

  6. Leo Zhao says:

    thanks for the mention!  but can you please change the Zhaoist Manifesto link to this more recent one:

    bigup boingboing!  

  7. Marty Madera says:

    Excellent article! Really comprehensive and a great job of illustrating the chronology and amorphous nature of all this fantastic interrelated music. Sharing this article with everyone I know!

  8. Loved the article and it touches on many important aspects of the cultural traffic worldwide through musical formats, but I can assure the author that MIA’s tune was not the first funk-based track f+to be played on national radio by any standards.

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