Poodle survives 11-mile ride trapped in car grill, after being hit by clueless driver

A female poodle survived an 11-mile ride from Taunton, Mass., to East Providence, RI after jumping out into the street and being hit by an unaware driver. Photos: Associated Press.

The story of how the little lady was extracted from the front of the car is interesting.

And the name of the policeman who managed to carefully, gently, get the doggie out? Officer Muggle. He says it's likely she came from a "puppy mill," and that she's going to be okay. "She has gone through a prescribed dosage of pain medicine and antibiotics and is pretty much back to full health, very active and extremely lovable."

Mitt Romney could not be reached for comment.


  1. Similar to a story I read a few years ago on Snopes (complete with photos) of a coyote that was hit by a car, wedged into the grill in much the same way, and was not discovered until 600 miles later.

    1. I remember seeing the coyote story as a child. He was hit by a truck due to the malfunction of a product made by ACME, right?

    1. Yeah pretty much. Came to post that i’m completely unsuprised this happened on the way from tauton to prov

  2. Not sure why the driver was regarded as clueless.  Little doggies getting hit by cars are the responsibility of their clueless owners, who screwed up and left them to roam the streets.

    1. Perhaps because they somehow failed to notice a dog running into the street or the resulting impact, and kept driving for miles without even checking to see if the animal was hurt or their car was damaged? It’s hard to imagine how anyone could be oblivious to that unless they were literally asleep at the wheel.

      1. Everywhere else I’ve read this story, it’s been pointed out that the driver thought he hit the dog, stopped and looked, saw no evidence of the dog in the road and thought the dog made it across the street and ran away. 

    2.  I agree.  I live in a rural area and drive through a rural area to get to work.  I remember looking at my grill and seeing a bluebird wedge there.  Bummed, though there was nothing I could do.

  3. Reminds me of this: http://articles.latimes.com/2002/mar/08/news/mn-31784
    (Warning: gruesome. That’s why I haven’t been able to forget it in the ten years since.)

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