Star Wars villains and cute bunnies

Artist Kelly Kerrigan paints many lovely things, but especially fine are Kerrigan's portraits of the villains of Star Wars cuddling a variety of adorable bunnyrabbits.

Kelly Kerrigan (via Neatorama)


  1. TK421: “I went to the shelter and it was between this bunny and Salacious Crumb. I’m pretty sure I made the right choice, right Mr. Whiskers?”

  2. Awww but they’re just hapless clones, not villains, they deserve bunnehs too.

    That’s why they can’t shoot worth a damn, the trigger finger and butt hand are controlled by the dark-side, but then the other hand gives a bit of a tweak as they fire, that’s the light-side workin

    That guy in red though… he’s got his dinner there, shove it right into his eyehole he will

  3. thank you BB for the love. Nearly 9 years ago to the date, you Featured my newly Launched – And today you showcase my Star Wars Paintings. I am so very humbled & Grateful for it. xoxo ~KellyK

  4. What  makes you think that the cute bunny isn’t the evil criminal mastermind.

    Two words …


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