Adrian Tomine on tour for his new book, New York Drawings

Adrian Tomine is on tour to promote New York Drawings, his anthology of New Yorker illustrations. He'll be in Providence, RI tonight, and Cambridge, MA tomorrow. Peggy Burns of Drawn & Quarterly, Adrian's publisher, says:

The Providence Phoenix spotlights Adriane event at AS 220 tonight, with Ada Books. And the Boston DIG interviews Adrian in a lengthy interview here.

Favorite tidbit from the interview...

CLAY FERNALD: Were you the first of your friends to get published and get attention for your work? Optic Nerve put you on the map as a young man.

ADRIAN TOMINE: You assume that I had friends! I actually started doing Optic Nerve in response to being an unlikeable teenage loner, so it wasn’t like I was part of some cartooning community then. And when I did eventually make some friends in the comics world, they were basically already seasoned veterans, so any little accomplishment I might’ve experienced wasn’t anything new to them.

The interview also included a link to a fan-made film based on on of Adriane's stories, "Smoke."

See the full tour schedule here


  1. One of my best friends lives in Mexico City and is one helluva artist.
    True to form, he had a period of sketching passengers on “El Metro”.
    The first thing I asked now seems to be the obvious, glaring thing:
    “How to people respond to you sketching them?”
    He said that after the first minute of befuddlement, they go back to nonchalance.
    At least in Mexico City.

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