eBook review: Blue Skies, Atopia Chronicles

Blue Skies is a great start to Matthew Mather's Atopia Chronicles. In just a few pages he introduces you to believable future and a character I immediately identified with.

Olympia is an advertising exec run out of steam, but she can't admit it. She is past the edge of a nervous breakdown and needs to find some control. She doesn't like to use drugs but agrees to test a new technology, nanobots embed 'smaticles' into her nervous system and give complete control over the reality she perceives -- bots aren't drugs! With the help of her new poly-synthetic sensory interface, or "pssi," Olympia learns one of those "be careful what you wish for" lessons.

Blue Skies, Atopia Chronicles Book 1, by Matthew Mather

or consider the entire collection:

The Complete Atopia Chronicles by Matthew Mather


  1. Meh. I started this series and was totally turned off in the first couple of chapters because I found it so wildly futuristic as to strain plausibility. I’ve enjoyed some other “far future” stuff (Post-Mortal, Ready Player One)but this was just a bit too much for me.

  2. I enjoyed this entire series, I’m looking forward to the follow up. Although it’s far-future, the universe is coherent, and the narrative well constructed.

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