Geeks, Girls, and Super Identities - new kids' novel with great illustrations by Mike Maihack

I admire the work of illustrator and cartoonist Mike Maihack. His simple line art, subdued color palette, and quietly humorous illustrations remind me a bit of Seth, if Seth liked to draw female superheroes. I just found out Mike illustrated a kids' novel called Geeks, Girls, and Super Identities. Check out a few of his illustrations here.

Throughout last year I Illustrated a fantastic book by author Mike Jung titled Geeks, Girls, and Super Identities -- and that book is officially out this week! … The gist is this: superhero fanclub, giant robot, school-yard crush, evil plot, exciting twist, lots-of-action.

I illustrated the jacket and 40 or so interior illustrations for GG&SI, most of wich consisted of drawing said giant robot, a beefy superhero, a goonies-esque trio, and one punky young gap-toothed girl. Oh and pizza. I also drew a bunch of pizza. It was a great gig. I know I’m biased but I can’t recommend the book highly enough. It’s just super fun.

Geeks, Girls, and Super Identities