iOS Maps debacle reimagined as surrealist art project


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  1. Dan Hibiki says:

    Where do I get that ringtone?

  2. How about a “Downfall” version ?

  3. It reminds me of the devastation brought on by Bill O’Reilly’s 2004 boycott of France as reported in the Paris Business Review.

    “If it weren’t for all the accordion music one would scarcely know it was Paris.”

  4. Cowicide says:

    I’ve seen those very same aberrations all over Google Maps for many years.  I understand why people are disappointed with iOS Maps for other reasons, but what’s so special about these graphical aberrations as apposed to the very same ones found in Google Maps?

    • spejic says:

      Yes, but those have been largely fixed in Google Maps, so in the current incarnation Google’s product is much better than Apple’s. Basically, the problem is that Apple is saying to its customers “We are are giving you an inferior product because it makes us a lot more money”.

  5. johndberry says:

    Lovely – though I think they mean (in English) substituting the woman urinating for a traditional ringtone (i.e., replacing the ringtone with the new sound), not the other way around.

  6. Best part is that the translator translates Russian to English with a French accent.

  7. Boundegar says:

    This is so well done, it took me a minute or so to detect the satire.

  8. st33d says:

    I asked Siri this morning where the Signal gallery was in London. Antarctica apparently.

    Good to know that I’m not supposed to know where things are. 

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