Live-in replica of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion for sale


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  1. RevolutionMaster says:

    +100 whuffie

  2. Kenny Cross says:

    Um, could that house be, let’s say lifted up and planted where my current residence is? Beautiful house. Too bad it’s in Georgia (I have nothing against Georgia, but have no particular need to move there).

  3. sam1148 says:

    I wouldn’t have pegged it for Haunted Mansion. Just generic 1800′s plantation style, without the full top to bottom wrought iron work on the balconies–which is one of the big features of the DL HM.

  4. artbyjcm says:

    Does LA mean Los Angeles? There’s no LA Haunted Mansion. Disneyland, while close to LA, is not in the LA county district. In fact, Walt Disney purchased a bunch orange groves to build Disneyland. Thus, it is in Anaheim, part of the appropriately named Orange County. As a huge fan of Disneyland and especially the Haunted Mansion reading “LA Haunted Mansion” made me cringe.

    • sam1148 says:

      By the same token Disney World isn’t in Orlando. Do you say I”m going to the “Reedy Creek Improvement District” when you refer to Disneyworld?

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      The UK Parliament is in the City of Westminster, which was eventually consumed by London. Basically irrelevant to anyone living in the rest of the world. Articles for an international readership aren’t usually written to please the locals.

    • XLM says:

      Please explain that to “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim”

      or as I refer to them, The Angels Angeles of Anaheim.

  5. Rachel Lang says:

    I believe the LA is for Louisiana.
    Which the exterior of the house is meant to look like….

  6. Um. “Ultimate” haunted house? You may not be aware that Stauf’s haunted mansion from The 7th Guest is currently for sale in historic, Jacksonville Oregon. Now that is a true collectible. 

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