Monkey Jesus cosplayer


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  1. Dan Hibiki says:

    The savior of the Humanbeing 

  2. semiotix says:

    Hypothetical question. Pretend for a moment that this woman’s “helpful” restoration happened in the United States–whereupon they probably would have thrown her crazy elderly ass in jail, but never mind. And let’s also pretend that Acme Costumes Co. immediately started making hilarious costumes like this, selling them for profit.

    Would she have a copyright claim against them? This may simply be a subset of the whole “can copyright inhere to graffiti” question, in which case I know that the answer is “(monkey) Jesus, it’s complicated.” But, to hear Crazy Restorer Lady tell it, she wasn’t trying to create an original artwork, but simply to restore the original. So maybe it’s different?

    Any internet lawyers want to take a swing at it? (Please no real-life IP lawyers; it’s no fun if you actually know.)

    • Dan Hibiki says:

       depends on what they call it. It doesn’t resemble the original “art” enough and if they called it something like “monkey man” costume they would not have to pay a dime.

      See any costume store. If it’s not a branded costume (as in made by Disney) it’s got some generic name. Like Zorro Mask would be called “thief mask” even though the costume photo is clearly Zorro.

  3. petertrepan says:

    Hey, it’s the Renaissance Waverly! I recognize the vestigial “telephones” cubby in the background.

  4. Christopher says:

    I have long been familiar with the rule that if it exists then there is porn of it, but I’ve never taken the time to make even the most cursory attempt to confirm that this rule holds up.

    On the other hand I’m extremely grateful to BoingBoing for proving, again and again, that if it exists then there is cosplay of it.

  5. hugh crawford says:

    Never mind the monkey christ , just look at that carpet!

  6. Preston Sturges says:

    He’s going to heal the lemurs.  

  7. Preston Sturges says:

    Let he who is without sin cast the first handful of monkey poo. 

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