Replica vintage sports jerseys made out of new-old vintage fabric

Ebbets Field Flannels makes replicas of vintage baseball jerseys from various leagues (including Cuban and Japanese jerseys), using new-old vintage textiles for their projects. They also do hockey jerseys, hats, and other replicas of bygone-era sportswear.

The Stanley Cup used to be an open tournament which included non-NHL teams. In 1917, the Seattle Metropolitans of the PCHA became the first U.S. team to win the cup when they defeated the Montreal Canadiens three games to one. Several different versions of this barber-pole striped sweater were worn through the years.

Ebbets Field Flannels (via Kottke)


    1. If I recall correctly, “new-old stock” is something that’s been sitting on a shelf for a long time never been used.

      See this with electronics a lot – example: a new-old vacuum tube. It was made in 1964, but was never taken out of the box.

      1.  I thought it was something like new-old-stock tubes too but on the site it doesn’t actually seem to say that the material used in the jerseys is old. As far as I can tell it means they are using the same kind of fabrics they used back then

  1. For those of us that prefer round ball football, there’s which does a whole bundle of historical and fictional football shirts such as Escape to Victory, Roy of the Rovers and the classic Dukla Prague away kit. 

  2. How did Cory know I needed to own an Atlanta Black Crackers 1940 Negro Southern League jersey before I did?

    1. Because it isn’t a hockey jersey. I can’t speak for Cory, but for many Canadians, hockey has an emotional resonance that baseball doesn’t. In my case, it wasn’t always positive – I hated the fact that we couldn’t watch the Saturday Night Movie on television owing to the Leafs game being on.

  3. This is one of my favourite stores in Seattle! Picked up a Taiyo Whales shirt on my last visit, planning on getting a Vancouver Mounties field crew jacket next time!

  4. I know a fella that went to work for these guys – In my opinion, EFF is true sports fans, not people just looking to make a buck off marketing.

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