Replica vintage sports jerseys made out of new-old vintage fabric


12 Responses to “Replica vintage sports jerseys made out of new-old vintage fabric”

  1. Geoduck says:

    “New-old vintage textiles”? A Google search for the phrase just leads to the same seller.

    • Sam says:

      If I recall correctly, “new-old stock” is something that’s been sitting on a shelf for a long time never been used.

      See this with electronics a lot – example: a new-old vacuum tube. It was made in 1964, but was never taken out of the box.

    • ando bobando says:

      I’m glad this is the first comment, because my first thought was “What the heck kind of marketing bs is ‘new-old’?”

  2. Smash Martian says:

    For those of us that prefer round ball football, there’s which does a whole bundle of historical and fictional football shirts such as Escape to Victory, Roy of the Rovers and the classic Dukla Prague away kit. 

  3. godwal says:

    How did Cory know I needed to own an Atlanta Black Crackers 1940 Negro Southern League jersey before I did?

  4. danimagoo says:

    Ok, how could you not put this jersey as the pic for the article?

    • futnuh says:

      Because it isn’t a hockey jersey. I can’t speak for Cory, but for many Canadians, hockey has an emotional resonance that baseball doesn’t. In my case, it wasn’t always positive – I hated the fact that we couldn’t watch the Saturday Night Movie on television owing to the Leafs game being on.

  5. Thorzdad says:

    Oh, man…The blank fungo shirts look like a great buy!

  6. Bruce says:

    This is one of my favourite stores in Seattle! Picked up a Taiyo Whales shirt on my last visit, planning on getting a Vancouver Mounties field crew jacket next time!

  7. pupdog says:

    I know a fella that went to work for these guys – In my opinion, EFF is true sports fans, not people just looking to make a buck off marketing.

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