Skateboarder runs into deer

During last weekend's Buffalo Bill Downhill race in Golden, Colorado, a skateboarder hit a deer crossing the road. I hope the deer is OK. (7News, thanks Gabe Adiv!)


  1. Ouch I hope the skater’s ok too. I fell similarly off a bike and slid backwards on my shoulders as he did and broke my collar bone pretty badly. Thoroughly not fun.

    On a sidenote, I’m loving the era of helmet mounted video cameras…

    1.  Makes me think of that poor macho buck that died head butting an elk.  Only problem was the elk was a concrete yard statue.

    2. Maybe the deer wouldn’t have been spooked if the ‘boarders hadn’t been whooping as they passed:

    3.  It’s more like they have a hard-wired threat-avoidance program that is reasonably effective for crossing open areas containing predators but badly bugged for dealing with traffic. 

      Deer know roads are dangerous places, so when they cross one, they tend to hunker down a few dozen yards back from the road, hidden from view, then spring up, get a running start, and charge across the road with all haste in small groups separated by 5-10 seconds per individual.  Which is about the exact opposite of what you’d want them to do to cross safely.

  2. “Embedding disabled by request. Watch on YouTube.”
    NO!! jerky .. maybe if embedding hadn’t been deliberately disabled, I woulda gone to the YouTube page and generated a hit for the poster. .. But screw the poster!! What a jerk!! Boooo ”

  3. Anyone who plays Tony Hawk knows that he should have done a Kick-Flip, grind the length of the deer, then did a Kickflip McTwist to dismount.  Not only would he have landed it, he would have scored wicked points.

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