Wingnut fantasy: Obama’s mom was a porn star, dad was communist poet

From Digital Journal:

A scandalous DVD claiming that President Barack Obama's mother posed for pornographic photos and that his real father was a communist poet who indoctrinated young Barack with Marxism is reportedly being mailed to more than a million swing-state voters.

The video, a pseudo-documentary produced by right-wing filmmaker Joel Gilbert, is titled "Dreams From My Real Father." According to MailOnline, Gilbert claims that more than a million copies of the salacious -- and fallacious -- video have been mailed to voters in Ohio, Nevada and New Hampshire, with as many as three million additional copies to be mailed in the near future.


  1. Two worst things current US right can imagine: Communists and women that have sex cause they like it.

      1.  Yes.
        But I want to see the skin flick where Obama’s Mom was impregnated by a Lizard Person from Sirius!!!

    1. In about three months they’ll start turning up at thrift stores. Look between the promotional video for an exercise machine and the DVD of toilet training lessons.

      1.  Agreed–one of the best super-cheap videos I found was “Quayle Eggs” (IIRC), all about VP Dan Quayle and his habit of saying relatively dumb things.  Lost the video some time back, but it was quite the find for $0.99.

      2. They are sending DVDs because much of the target audience are unfamiliar with the internet and digital media.  They are also sending out 750,000 VHS tapes. (so look for those too)

  2. The truth is even more horrible: Obama is actually a spidery black thing from Mars!

    I’m going to distribute the TRUTH by mailing cassette tapes to the subscribers of GRIT.
    * * *
    The joke is on Joel Gilbert: Millions of suckers are paying out of pocket to see 2016: Obama’s America.

  3. This is almost better than the old theory that Obama’s father was Malcolm X, who allegedly toured the United States, seducing young women (including Obama’s mother), and teaching them about Islam and Communism.

    1. The real story behind both of those theories is that if either one was true it would immediately destroy the (already thoroughly debunked) theory that Obama isn’t a natural born citizen. 

      But what’s a little cognitive dissonance when you’ve already convinced yourself that the commander-in-chief was raised from birth to seek the office of the President of the United States, win that office, spend four years governing as a moderate, win reelection, then crush the Free World under the iron heel of Communism?

      1. Well yeah, these are the same people who in the same breath say Obama is a Muslim and then rant about how his Christian preacher hates America.

          1. Clearly, he is an atheist pretending to be a Muslim pretending to be a Christian. It’s so clear to me now!

  4. couldn’t this count as slander or somesuch…i mean regardless of the total ridiculousness…

    1. Slander is difficult to prove in the US, particularly if it’s directed at a public figure.  In any case, it’s usually not a very good idea for a prominent politician to sue someone for defamation even if he DOES have a case.

    2. I believe in this case it would be libel, since rather than spoken words it’s done in a movie.  The legal definitions of these things can be annoying since they effectively mean the same thing -_-

    3. It’s probably ridiculous enough to pass for parody or satire when viewed by sane people. Public figures can’t do a lot about that, except get re-elected and order a drone strike

  5. The thing that bothers me most about this stuff is not that it’s kooky nonsense, but the idea that it should even matter in America what your parents were or did. 

    1. Henceforth, the highest elected office in the land shall be determined via “Yo Mama” contest.

  6. I wonder how many porn photos you could find that has someone that looks like Ann Romney… we all have doppelgängers, and some of them must work in porn.


      I won’t be searching porn ATM, but yeah, hell I had a friend went into porn a decade back that’s going to look just like Ann Romney in a few years. Maybe already if it didn’t go well. Can’t remember the name she chose initially, have no idea if she stuck with it.

      Yeah, there’s probably a baker’s dozen, cause Ann isn’t terribly distinctive in appearance IMHO 

    2.  I saw that movie.  The scene where the president uses a shark steak sandwich to assert his alpha dominance is awesome.

  7. They sure got a talented guy to make the “documentary”. Check out his other credits:

    “Elvis found alive”
    “Paul McCartney Really Is Dead”

    1. That actually makes me wonder (a little) if this is an effort to turn people off Romney.

      (I’ve said it before) Campaign tactics seem less and less intended (or likely) to change people’s minds about for whom they will vote, but rather whether they will vote.  In other words, turn off so many people that they don’t vote at all.

      1.  I was wondering the same thing.  I can’t see this kind of obvious defamation doing more harm to Obama than harm to Romney, basically by association.  It’s like the Birthers.  At some point, when people take a horrifically stupid position against one person and then endorse another, their stupid position becomes associated with the person they support, whether that person himself has those views or not.

    2. I haven’t seen those two films but I am told by people who have that they have an anti-Obama message. I do know that the  DVD covers for those two are awesomely craptacular.

  8. In addition to the mailing, this video is actually no 42 on Amazon’s list of most popular Prime Instant Videos. Disturbing.

    1. It’d be worse if people were actually paying to see it.

      I’ve already got a Prime subscription, a six-pack of beer, and a sense of morbid curiosity; I could totally see how those three things could combine toward me watching something like this.

  9.  I can only hope The Daily Show or The Colbert Report gets a hold of a copy.  Comedy goldmine.

      1. I lost my card, now I can’t get into the meetings and can’t collect my entitlements. 

        I called and tried to get a replacement card, some guy hissed about not keeping lists and hung up.

        I guess I’m not a socialist anymore.

  10. How do you mail out a million videos without leaving some sort of a paper trail of financial backers?  Someone with VERY deep pockets is obviously funding this farce.

  11. I’ve been trying to think of what Communist poetry would be like. Here goes:

    A man who needs no introduction
    Was produced by a porn star’s seduction
    She was left all alone
    For nobody should own
    Such a valuable means of production

    1. The winner of oh-eight’s campaigns
      Tried to institute the ideas of Keynes
      As the first steps to smartly
      create a Communist Party.
      We have nothing to lose but our chains.

  12. From the article, “The chairman of the Alabama Republican Party called the video … “factual”.

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means …

    1. That was taken out of context from the blooper reel. What he meant to say was “this video is a facet of our overall effort to smear the President.”

    2. The chairman of the Alabama Republican Party

      Whenever I read an article about incredibly stupid, crazy, or backwards political beliefs, I Ctrl-F for “Alabama” and quietly celebrate if it’s missing.
      Well, on to the next article.

  13. I want one!! How can we convince Romney that Cambridge Mass is a vital swing district that he should try to win by sending out kookie videos?

    1. Maybe you could stop calling it “The People’s Republic of Cambridge” and shorten it to “Republican Cambridge”.  Great town, I lived there in the 90’s. 

  14. I live in Boehnerville, got this in the mail last Saturday. Shall I rip it and torrent? Being a bleeding heart liberal, I don’t have the stomach to watch it.

  15. Since this idea that the model in the pictures was Obama’s mother has been around the internet a few times in the last four years, there has been some good debunking of it, I think most of it summarized here.

    One of the key points is that there is an image from that set (or at least, that model in that room) all the way back from 1958, when Ann Dunham was 15 (and the model is clearly not 15). Furthermore, the creator of this video knows this perfectly well.

    Of course, it shouldn’t even be debunked. But unfortunately, even before the “Communist American dad” theory, there many people out there who believe that these are images of Ann, and don’t even realize there’s any debate about it.

    1. Years ago I was shown a porn pic that looked a lot like a girl I briefly dated, the more I looked at it, the more I was convinced it was her.  It turned out it wasn’t, but I learned that your mind can play tricks on you with regard to photos and memories of faces.  I have no doubt plenty of wing nuts have convinced themselves it is indeed her, no matter what anybody says.

      1. It’s actually just kinda weird when you find out someone you used to be friends with (in high school) ended up as a briefly notable pornstar. It makes for a funny and interesting anecdote, but it’s just…weird.

      2. I’m guessing your blood runs cold, and your memory has just been sold.

        (When I worked at a call center, everyone gossiped about one agent who supposedly had nekkid photos on the internet. But they either missed, or didn’t talk about, another agent who actually did.)

    1. Ah, yes, I had an online “conversation” with an adherent of this theory the other day.  Apparently three gay men from Chicago were murdered by Obama to cover up the fact that he had sex with them.  He was quite indignant when I took it as a joke.

    2. One of our City Council members is a lesbian who was tried (and acquitted) for murder. Doesn’t stop her from getting re-elected. Maybe Obama should just come out of the gay murderer closet and proudly fly his rainbow-but-mostly-red gay murderer flag.

  16. I didn’t and won’t vote for Obama, but “Christ, what an asshole a four-door asshole” applies to the parties responsible for disseminating this.  I’m sure more than one of you can remember being approached by a bigger or older kid, who asked “ever seen a picture of your mama naked? Wanna buy one?”  That bigger, older kid was a bully, and an asshole.  I don’t see how this is any different (even worse if the photos actually were of Obama’s mother).  It was the same thing with the “show me your birth certificate” bullshit from Trump et al.  Trump is an asshole playground bully who might as well have asked “if you’re really a dude, drop your pants and prove it.”

    There are plenty of things with Obama’s presidency that warrant criticism and I don’t see what his dead parents have to do with any of it.

    [EDIT: made important clarification, noted by strike-through and underlining]

  17. My god. Our house received one of these a couple weeks ago. I assumed it was just the usual pinko smear-campaign, but wow. Wow. It’s like the guy decided to do an hour-and-half extended version of the Two Minutes Hate.

  18. I got mine over two months ago, probably because I’m a registered independent in a swing state. Regardless of one’s political point of view, it’s the most tedious crock of ordure I’ve ever watched – I could only endure it for less than 5 minutes. You’d have to be a seriously motivated right wingnut to give it an hour of your life.

  19. This theory has been floating around in Wingnutostan since at least back in the spring, but it couldn’t get much traction because they were already married to the “fake birth certificate” idea, so to propose that Obama really was born in Hawaii, even if fathered by a “communist”, was doomed to fail.

  20. The people who take this stuff seriously weren’t exactly on the fence with their vote before.

  21. Ha ha ha…that’s impossible.  In the real world stuff like this doesn’t happen…except for Obama getting a Nobel Peace Prize prior to doing anything, John Edwards fathering a child during his campaign while his wife dies of cancer, Bill Clinton screwing an intern, but aside from that…and JFK porking the girlfriend of a Mafia boss, or having Ted Sorenson write Profiles in Courage for him, porking Marilyn Monroe along with his brother, or, for that matter Teddy Kennedy drowning a passenger in his car without reporting it for several hours and then getting a slap on the wrist.  But Obama having the wrong father–never happen.

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