Ronald Reagan collage art show by Winston Smith and friends

Bedtime Democracy Reag 50

This Friday at Grant's Tomb in San Francisco, "The Beginning of the End: Ronald Reagan's Legacy," a show of new and classic collage art by Winston Smith, Fast, Cheap & Easy Graphics, Ron Donovan, and Jon-Paul Bail. The event is one-night-only, tomorrow (10/5) from 6pm to 11pm at 50-A Bannam Place (tiny alley off Union Street at Grant in North Beach.) Below, two more of Winston's Reagan pieces from those oh-so-fun 1980s.

Reagan FlagSuit flat

Ruling Class 400


  1. I remember when Reagan killed the poor, destroyed the world in a nuclear holocaust, and gave the remains to the Oil Companies, thus paving the way for Bush Jr. to destroy the world again.

    C’mon, is punk rock still pushing the same narratives it pushed in the 80s?

    1.  Reagan’s conservative fantasies are now peddled by MItt Romney: Trickle Down=Job Creators and they still seem to hate the poor. If Reagan wanna-be Bush Jr. wasn’t close enough to world destruction for you maybe Mitt will be. Third time’s a charm.

  2. If Romney wins, this aesthetic is in for a revival.  Album art and the economy will both look like they did in 1982!

  3. This reminds me of two things:
    1. A friend in college who had a picture of Reagan posted on top of a light switch, so the switch stuck out where Reagan’s penis would be.

    2. Ken Dahl’s comic “Old Punx vs. Ronald Reagan,” in his collection Welcome to the Dahl House. 

  4. Fearlessly taking on Reagan……in San Francisco.

    I always doff my fedora to an artist who is willing to get in his audience’s face, to confront and challenge their core beliefs!

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