UN's copyright agency won't let the Pirate Party in


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  1. hypocrite says:

    1 word summary: hypocrites

  2. jorgenfleisterman says:

    “‘One delegate said European countries were concerned that the Pirate Parties would take ‘political action’ back home when they disagreed with positions taken by the official delegates at the WIPO meetings’”

    So if you reject their admission as observers, they’re just going to say, “Oh, okay. No…that’s cool. We understand.” instead of taking “‘political action’ back home when they disagreed with” the decision not to even admit them as observers? That makes sense.

  3. Tim Adriaansen says:

    And nobody thinks that there is perhaps an element of reasonability in rejecting a political party under the heading of Non-Government Organisation? Would you be happy to see representatives of the Democratic Party International admitted to the NGO benches?

  4. TheMudshark says:

    Political action? We can’t have that, Dude. That fucks up our plan.

  5. France ? Hey I’ve never said anything of the sort :(

  6. Nick Ashton-Hart says:

    They aren’t a political party – it is the Secretariat of the party. There’s no doubt in my mind, from attending the GA, that the objections were entirely related to the positions of the Pirate Party, and nothing else. It is a very troubling development.

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