Mitt Romney agrees with you

Use the RoboRomney service to fill in your positions on issues from abortion to the economy to gun-control, and the system will mine a database of real Romney quotes to produce a position paper in which the candidate agrees with everything you say.


  1. Dear RoboRomney,

    I think that the wealthiest of the super, SUPER rich should be allowed to inbreed their children.  Why force the best and highest classes among us to seek new blood and enter into marital unions outside their immediate families?  Traditional and outdated unions such as these run the risk of dispersing and diluting the largest bodies of family wealth down to the lower classes, such as the merely super wealthy.  Is there something you can do about this, RoboRomney?  I await your reply.

    1.  It worked well for the extended royal family of europe; until some interesting anomalies started to show up (hemophilia, madness, nazi regalia wearing…)

    1. I admit it.  It’s all my fault.  But I really thought Pat Paulsen had a shot this time. (and/or “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos”)

  2. Sorry, but I put in liberal for everything but gun control and RoboRomney said things like he wanted to reform Medicare. Sure, it could be taken to mean something liberal but the reality of the matter is that if you say you want to reform Medicare you mean something ‘conservative’ by that – and by conservative I mean destructive. 

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