Talk sophisticated with PronunciationManual

The PronunciationManual YouTube account consists of short clips of clearly enunciated borrowed words and proper nouns that are often uttered by English speakers, including some tricky single malt Scotch whiskey names. These pronunciations are sure to impress your friends with your nous (pronounced "nooo-see") and sophistication.

PronunciationManual's YouTube channel (via Kottke)


    1. The first time I had Laphroaig I thought it tasted like licking the underside of a mossy stone. Now it’s one of my favorite whiskies.

    1. We regret to inform you that this turn of events is not covered by your extended warranty. A specialist removal service is available at an additional fee for your convenience.

    1. Why does it sound like a lot of these end up with some type of Southern inflection….?

      I can drive a couple of hours to the Appalachian mountains and find plenty of people who sound like this in real life…

  1. Prahn-you-ki-a-TIE-on-mah-NWAL..

    (There really are more stylish ways to mispronounce than the ones demonstrated.)

  2. Yay, Youtube commenters:

    I don’t get it…Is there some pop culture reason these pronunciation videos are getting “liked” that I am just not aware of?

    Or has the world really gotten THAT stupid?

    UpRoaryus 1 day ago in playlist Channel

    (from “Twilight”, also good)

    However, speaking of Blaughfloyeeb-g, has this been posted yet?

    Scotch Pronunciation Guide with Brian Cox

      1. I don’t get the joke.  It’s just spam.  What’s funny about misinformation?
        Don’t “whoosh” me again– this would be unwise.

        1. It’s pretty darn funny and unlikely to be confused for the real pronunciations*.  On the other hand, in the US there’s such an issue with people not knowing the meaning/spelling/pronunciation of words, I am waiting for someone to start talking about the philosopher Wintoogunonasty.

          *Though I’m pretty sure that actually is the preferred way to say “Prada.”

  3.  Buöldordusch! None of those i have tested actually even come close to being correct. You simply don’t ever pronounce words in French, German or Swedish in this way without being looked at as an idot by the natives. Joke site, as far as i can see. Even the English and Scottish ones doesn’t make sense to me. As a native speaker of several Swedish dialects i can say that nobody over here talks like that, ever. Joök zit!

  4. My absolute favorite Pronunciation Manual entry is “schadenfreude”.  When my wife or I flub a pronunciation really badly, I feel obligated to say, “a-scootin’…a-fruity.”

  5. Somehow, I had missed that Pronunciation Manual was on Ellen.  Oh…right…because I don’t watch Ellen.

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