New Order live, yesterday and in 1981

I caught the revitalized New Order (sans Peter Hook) at Oakland's Fox Theatre last night and I must say, they were fantastic. Tight, rocking, passionate, and they looked genuinely delighted to be playing such a thrilled, packed venue. And yes, they performed three Joy Division tunes: a danced-up Isolation and then an encore of Atmosphere and Love Will Tear Us Apart. The band went deep into New Order's history (and ignored their latest material) including the seminal Ceremony, which of course was the bridge between Joy Division and New Order after Ian Curtis's passing. Here they perform that track more than three decades ago in New York City, on November 19, 1981.


    1. You’re totally right. I don’t know what I was thinking. Thanks, I’ve corrected my post. What a show though, eh?

    1. I thought they were fantastic, better than when I last saw them in 1989. Hook is a great and innovative bassist and clearly was essential in creating the JD/NO sound, but Tom Chapman plays those parts just fine.


  1. I had the privilege of seeing them in 1983.  There was no one else like them: cold and distant yet intense and dedicated.  They eschewed all the trappings of pop music and always made left turns when we expected right turns.  I thought it was the future, but it was a blip.

    1. “cold and distant yet intense and dedicated”

      That’s a really great description of NO and JD both.

  2. agree 100% pesco, i was there last night too and was blown away. i think it was the best show i’ve seen at the fox since sigur ros. i feel a little bad because… how can it be new order without hooky? but they sounded fantastic and have changed up the intros to a lot of the songs. sumner seemed to be proud of that fact…

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but the “Temptation” 12-inch:
    1. Is one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard.
    2. The frenzied guitars give me a whiff of The Who at the peak of their powers.

    Then sadly (for me), New Order went in a more pop direction after “Low Life”, and I lost interest.
    “Power, Corruption & Lies” leaves me in awe to this day, in fact it keeps getting better!

  4. wow… Growing up in middle america in the 80s, I felt like I was the only person in the world listening to New Order. Now I can hear them on muzak in the mall!? :)
    Jealous for the folks that got to see the show!

  5. Love Ceremony though every time I hear it I’m struck by how Sumner is trying to mimic Ian Curtis’ vocal styling, which doesn’t really suit him. Still it’s a great tune – I love how it starts winding down, only to pick up at the end.

  6. Can’t watch that video. (1) As a sound tech, I really dislike the mix. (2) I admit, I mainly mix folk and related styles, but there’s an old saying “The mike is your friend — but not THAT close a friend; keep your lips to yourself.” (Yes, I know, there are exceptions. Still, in this case I think it’s  Bad Mike Technique.)

  7. I have tickets for their second Toronto show later this month, and I’m thrilled to bits to hear this review. Ceremony is just about my favourite song of all time.  Someone above mentioned how it winds down and then kicks in again–love it, love it, love it.

  8. Saw them in Vienna this year, they were awesome.  Have been a huge fan since the days of Joy Division, and finally seeing them live – and rocking real hard – was a total treat.  

  9. I cannot wait to see them play in Chicago in 13 days! I’ve waited decades to see them! Yes, I’m disappointed that Hooky won’t be with them but I’m still happy.

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