Clothes made from vintage kids' sheets

One of my favorite shirts of all time is a Western shirt made partly from recycled Star Wars sheets, just like the ones I had as a boy. In that vein, I offer you BongaChopShop on Etsy, where you will find a wide variety of dresses, bags, etc, made from other brightly colored kids' sheets from the same era, such as the Star Wars dress or the GI Joe dress. (via Neatorama)


  1. While visiting my folks a few months ago I ‘found’ that exact sheet in their car (they were using it to protect the upholstery from the dog).  I reclaimed it and now it is on my 7 year old’s bed – hooray.

  2. I had those Star Wars pillow cases too!  And very made, the artwork hardly faded over all those years.  Think I used them off & on for well over 25 years.

    Heh..   not what you want your lady-friend to see as you make your way to the bedroom.

  3.  i don’t think so… if i remember right it was just pajamas that had those chemicals. but dang, that corset. at first i was like “noooooooo…. they cut it up” but then i was like “daaaaaayyym!”

  4. A She-Ra dress with pockets. A dress that has pockets, a nice cut, and She-Ra, Princess Of Power on the front. I… I… don’t know quite what to say, only that If that dress matched my measurements, I would be €155 poorer right now. Holy hell. A She-Ra dress. With pockets.

    I would wear it every goddamn day.

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