Clothes made from vintage kids' sheets


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  1. digi_owl says:

    Rule 34 material?

  2. Doc_S says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if there was an American male of our age who DIDN’T sleep on those sheets.

  3. LOL. I wish I could sew a straight line. So many awesome things out there to make, so little talent…

  4. rocketpjs says:

    While visiting my folks a few months ago I ‘found’ that exact sheet in their car (they were using it to protect the upholstery from the dog).  I reclaimed it and now it is on my 7 year old’s bed – hooray.

  5. I had those Star Wars pillow cases too!  And very made, the artwork hardly faded over all those years.  Think I used them off & on for well over 25 years.

    Heh..   not what you want your lady-friend to see as you make your way to the bedroom.

  6. Rider says:

    I had the same artwork but it was a nice soft fuzzy blanket.

  7. Antlan says:

    Wouldn’t these items be loaded with flame retardant chemicals?

  8. joe blough says:

     i don’t think so… if i remember right it was just pajamas that had those chemicals. but dang, that corset. at first i was like “noooooooo…. they cut it up” but then i was like “daaaaaayyym!”

  9. glittertrash says:

    A She-Ra dress with pockets. A dress that has pockets, a nice cut, and She-Ra, Princess Of Power on the front. I… I… don’t know quite what to say, only that If that dress matched my measurements, I would be €155 poorer right now. Holy hell. A She-Ra dress. With pockets.

    I would wear it every goddamn day.

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