Carnage in Azeroth

"Hackers have massacred all the virtual characters in some of online adventure game World of Warcraft's major cities" [BBC]


  1. Even though I don’t do the WoW, this bit of news draws me in and gives me pause.
    Seriously, that was hardcore, like some infernal, toxic condor Easter egg.

    In the physical world, stuff like this is talked about with shudders even from afar, like the Malaysian amok or the Norse berserk.
    To be going about your business in Azeroth, and suddenly this comes out of nowhere and straight at you… it’s gotta be a shock and a rush of adrenaline.  In its’ way and context, it’s definitely a significant event.

  2. So they left a command open to a level 1 character so they could just kill every entity they came across…  whats the problem?
    So what if it took Blizzard over 4 hours to notice this command being spammed…

  3. Why is it always so painfully obvious that not a single technology writer on any major news outlet has ever played World of Warcraft.

    1.  For someone who’s only played WoW for 30 mins (and then decided it was too addictive), can you explain that?

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