Dishonored "the finest hour" for shooting games


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  1. omar elaasar says:

    Ah, Rock Paper Shotgun. One of the most cerebral corners of videogames  journalism.

  2. grimc says:

    One hour and counting! Already plan on slinking into work late tomorrow.

  3. spacedoggy says:

    I will not be buying this game… because at the top of the box there is a white banner with the words:
    “Games for Windows” printed in it.
    This means that I have it install some kind of X-box live style broken horse-shit on my PC that demands I log in every 5 mins, and drops my savegames to a void on the cloud where they can’t be recovered, forcing me to re-play the first level over and over.

    I bought Dirt 2 and never got to play past the first 2 crappy tracks/cars.
    because of this I will never buy a game with this DRM requirement for as long as I live.

    • grimc says:

      Or, you could buy it through Steam.

    • omar elaasar says:

       Actually, Games for Windows is entirely different than games for Windows Live. It simply means that it has features such as support for Xbox 360 Controllers and support for certain resolutions and parental controls, not that it requires the awful GFWL interface:

    • John Harland says:

      Don’t confuse “Games for Windows” with “Games for Windows LIVE”

      GfWL is the horrible, log-in-requiring, save-game-mangling horror you’re thinking of.

      GfW is a certification which contains stuff like “must switch between mouse and keyboard and controller when you plug it in/out, and update the onscreen prompts appropriately.”

      GfWL is one of the worst impositions on people who want to play games. GfW is actually pretty good.

  4. muddi900 says:

    How much did Bethesda pay?

  5. Pope Ratzo says:

    When they say “finest hour” they’re referring to how long it takes to finish this overpriced game.

    Video gaming is one of those consumer markets where value varies wildly.  There are $50 games that you will enjoy for hundreds of hours and come back to play again and again, and $60 games that will entertain you for a few hours and you’ll never look at again.

    Making it “steampunk” is not enough to make up the difference.

    • omar elaasar says:

      If you read the article linked above about the backlash, you’ll actually see that the game length entirely varies depending on your play style. While most people aren’t going to take as much time as the author, it’s obvious that the game is geared towards playing it stealthy and exploring, rather than more direct methods.

      It’s the same reason why my own playthrough of Deus Ex: HR took 30 hours, while a friend of mine took 50, and others will beat in in 20.

    • Halloween_Jack says:

      There are people who will spend so many hours raiding in World of Warcraft that it amounts to a second job, and they seem to be enjoying themselves, but it’s definitely not for everyone. YMMV. Portal doesn’t take that long to get through, but it’s one of the best-reviewed games of the last decade; other games might take much longer, because they’re not that well-thought-out and require brute force solutions, but some people enjoy them as a way of passing the time, just as some people will play literally countless hands of solitaire.

  6. Chris Ingram says:

    It’s pretty exciting to see new ideas coming from the blockbuster producers instead of just another sequel.

    Based on the press over the last few months, this may be the only game I actually pay full price for near release..

  7. Steve Olsen says:

    I did some work on this! They are really nice people. Glad to see the game is getting good press.

  8. rocketpjs says:

    I am happy in my place 3 years behind the video game curve.  I get all the games that are genuinely good (rather than overhyped dreck) for $5, and I can usually play them on my laptop (which is usually about 2 years behind the cutting edge).

    10 years ago there might have been some benefit to getting the newest cutting edge games.  Now I’m blown away by excellent games that came out as much as 5 years ago.  Why anyone would drop $60 for a game that will be 1/3 the cost in 6 months is beyond me when there are all those other games that came out last year.

  9. Jen Onymous says:

    I preordered this for the PS3, despite Bethesda’s clusterfuck RE getting out DLC for Skyrim (one of my fave games) on the PS3.  I seriously considered getting Dishonored on Steam instead, because I love me my Skyrim on my PC, but…yes to glithces RE synching etc.

    If I find Dishonored on the PS3 as engrossing as Skyrim is, I’ll wait until it goes on sale on Steam (which is what I did for Skyrim–got it for 10 bux) and play it on Steam then.  Not paying full price twice.

    Now I just have to haul my butt to Gamestop to pick up my preorder…

  10. ImmortalYawn says:

    “Lovely” “Amazing ” SHOOTER….er….

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