Find out what fun a train can be

PhilAreGo happened upon this brochure for the Santa Fe Railway, and offered the following interpretation os the scenario depicted on the cover.

Wow! Get a load of them eyebrows! The two guys look like they're hoping to get her alone for some wicked doings, but she looks downright carnivorous herself. The standing man looks like he's dropping something into the drink of the seated man. All the while, the lady is staring at the chest of the pill-dropping man, where she knows that mere inches away, beats his juicy, delicious heart. I find it hard to have any sympathy for whatever happens to these three in the next few hours.

Phil then shows what the illustration would look like by retouching the eyebrows, making them lighter and then even heavier.

Santa Fe - Ride on the evil train


  1. Lady: “well I was going to visit my friend in Santa Fe, but a threesome sounds like more fun “

  2. Actually, I found her eyebrows kind of sexy. I don’t have any problem with real eyebrows on women — they don’t always have to be trimmed to pencil-thin lines. I think this poster could just be showing how aesthetics have changed in the last 60 years, if people think that her natural eyebrows are somehow weird.

    The red-head’s eyebrows and leering expression, though, are a bit much, I agree.

  3. I used to take the Broadway Limited regularly when I traveled to and from college back in the 70s, and have fond memories of a couple of all-night parties in the club car.  There was a piano.  I keep hoping some airline will decide to have a club cabin with a piano.

  4. Looks like one male propositioning another for a threesome!  I imagine the conversation went something like this:  “Hey Baibee, you’re a fine looking Dame!  You and the gentleman look like you could use some company tonight.  Howa bouta lil sandwich action on the train – choo-choo!”

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