MAKE Weekend Projects - Monkey Couch Guardian

I invented the Monkey Couch Guardian, and wrote a how-to so you can build one, too.

Combine an Arduino with a proximity sensor, and make an obnoxious device to discourage cats and other fur-shedding pets from jumping on beds and couches. This project will also introduce you to the SPDT relay, a fundamental component of hobbyist electronics projects.
Monkey Couch Guardian: complete instructions


  1. Those cymbal banging monkeys are expensive, tried to get one after watching that film… Really neat idea.

    1. Nerf turrets… certain battery-powered Super Soakers… pillows full of joy buzzers… an array of twelve sun lamps focused on one cushion… the possibilities are mouthwateringly endless!

  2. Look, am I crazy, or is this thing just a project that is begging to be destroyed by your pet?

  3. It’s easier to modify a toy that has a built-in trigger.  I recently put together a Neko Lucky Cat with an HC-SR04 ultrasonic rangefinder to  “greet” the drug dealers who loiter in our doorway. The photocell that it came with didn’t work well in daylight, and the rangefinder is more precise in a busy environment.

    1. Sure, but like you said, it’s a simple way to get people started with the Arduino platform.

      1.  A worthwhile goal, but overkill. I have an old motion sensor that I added a relay to, which will do the same thing. No monkey, but I do have an old car alarm…

  4. Can I say that I have never made anything – or even been tempted – before but this project has me wondering if I could do something like this. Or problem is our dog and this sounds terrific fun…I’ll show the wife (she was an electronic engineer and is now a science teacher). I’d love to do this! :)

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