QWOP creator on gaming

Bennett Foddy, creator of staggeringly difficult running game QWOP, has no sympathy for complainers: "My worry is not that games are getting too easy, because easy games can be wonderful. My worry is that games are getting too comfortable." [Indie Games]


  1. And there was me thinking that games should be rewarding!

    QWOP is amusing, my record is -0.6m.  I seem to have the knack of flipping backwards but not running forwards.

  2. Interviewing the QWOP creator about how to write video games is sort of like interviewing a random reddit poster about how to write a novel, or interviewing someone who made an image meme about how to compose a beautiful landscape photograph, or interviewing a random BoingBoing poster about how to interview game developers.

  3. I just wasted 20 minutes on QWOP assuming that it would be possible to at least learn how to walk. My record is 3 meters.

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