Redefining Pink

Jody Schoger, a writer and cancer advocate whom I met over Twitter during my treatment and now look to as a cancer mentor of sorts, writes about how to move beyond Pinktober, Pink Nausea, Pinksploitation, and the branding of a disease. Enough "consumerism masquerading as research, flawed studies, and misinformation about breast cancer," she writes. "We need to ditch the machine, redefine and be realistic about pink."


  1. Oh, yeah!  I can see why you respect her work.  Enough with the damned pink parades …. concentrate on research, and widespread dissemination of the results so we can get people to the right treatments ASAP.

    I was at a store the other day and the clerk was trying to give me a hard time — in front of other customers — for not donating to the store’s breast cancer research marketing campaign so that I could get some schlocky gift in pink to prove I cared.  I was in a grumpy mood anyway, so I finally told her that I had already donated a pound of flesh (literally) to the cause and that should be good enough for her.  She didn’t seem even slightly embarrassed.

  2. 1) I approached a local Pink Ribbon campaign table at a restaurant near here.  I asked them if they were raising money for prostate cancer, y’know, by a Blue Ribbon campaign…  I was met with confusion.  So I pointed out that breast cancer research, because of all the Pink Ribbon, is one of (if not THE) most well-funded cancer causes.  And so many other cancers are begging for money.

    2) ‘Advocate’ is something you put in your burritos or make liqueur out of.  (If you speak other languages besides english…)

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