Zee Avi, skewered on an angelic voice


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  1. kmoser says:

    Did they forget to aim the camera at their faces?

  2. Bodhipaksa Dharmacari says:

    This is gorgeous. Thanks for posting.

  3. onefancydana says:

    Zee Avi’s album “Ghostbird” is fantastic and I can’t recommend it enough. There’s even a full live-recorded version on her Youtube account!

  4. bagoombah says:

    Her song “Honey Bee” is absolutely stunning, even if it’s just a guitar in this version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t5RrUt3nrY

  5. Matthew Balding says:

    Aren’t these geographic restrictions absurd in the age of digital content?

    For some reason the iTunes US store works fine with foreign IP addresses, it just wants a US credit card billing address. We live in Japan, and without any VPN fiddle, this is how we get all our content. Music is DRM-free, but not movies or TV shows.

    If the UK iTunes store works the same way, maybe you could get your content that way while traveling. No Ubuntu though–you’re back to Windows or OS X.

  6. Eric Jasso says:

    Catch her live if you can. We saw her two weeks ago and her voice is so wonderful. She connects with her audience so very well and projects such an aura. It was an amazing show.

  7. Christian Jacobsen says:

    Her voice reminds me of Jolie Holland’s first two albums, Escondida and Catalpa. If you like Zee Avi, I’d suggest you might like Jolie as well.

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