Brightly colored Guy Fawkes mask-scarves


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  1. Aloisius says:

    Occupy (and Anonymous) are still a thing?

    • Ipo says:

       No, it’s over now, since the banks gave us back our democratic system they had bought with some of the money stolen by rigging our democratic system. 
       Occupy was just a fad, go back to sleep. 

    • Navin_Johnson says:

      No they aren’t relevant anymore, which is why media outlets and helpful internet commenters still go out of their way to try to discuss how irrelevant they are…..*

      *which I see you’ve went out of your way to do two more times on top of this in the last couple weeks….despite not knowing they were “still a thing”……

    • Cowicide says:

      Occupy (and Anonymous) are still a thing?

      How many events do you have planned today, I wonder?  Well…  anyway…  Here’s some of the Occupy events:

      • Aloisius says:

        I don’t have any events planned today because I am not trying to be a movement.

        And I don’t live in New York so I wouldn’t know what is going on there. Here in San Francisco, Occupy has ceased to exist outside a small table three guys set up on Market street. Since coverage of any Occupy events seems to have also stopped and they’ve made pretty much no difference in advancing their goals, I can only assume that Occupy is a failure.

        • Cowicide says:

          they’ve made pretty much no difference in advancing their goals

          You seem like someone who needs to be spoonfed, so here’s your spoonfeed…

          Just keep clicking the shiny, orange button….

          • Aloisius says:

            Many of those points can be summarized as “changed the national debate” which is what failed groups say they’ve done when they’ve failed to make any real structural change. A few are completely orthogonal to the stated goals of Occupy (new form artistic movement? really?). Several are completely internal (who cares if Occupy uses live streaming?).

            I commend their affiliated group from stopping a few foreclosures and getting a tax passed in New York, but given the size of the Occupy movement, I expected you know, a few hundred new Occupy-backed Mayors and other  officials to be elected nationwide, ongoing concerting campaigns for new financial regulation (with actual legislative text) pushed forward at the state level (California has direct democracy for goodness sakes all you need is signatures), a campaign to get out the vote for pro-Occupy folks and of course, some level of support from a wide cross section of America (you know, like some old people).

            Instead, you have a bs anarchistic leadership-free group of people who are just as successful as Vietnam protesting hippies at actually effecting change.

          • Navin_Johnson says:

            leadership-free group of people

            This is one of the best things about it, and I love how it drives opponents like you crazy. If there was a leader they would be viciously attacked or attempted to be co-opted. Of course if they did all the “helpful” things you’re “concerned” about, you still wouldn’t be on board, which is why its best that they ignore folks like you, welcome natural allies, and let you guys feel left out.

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            Instead, you have a bs anarchistic leadership-free group of people who are just as successful as Vietnam protesting hippies at actually effecting change.

            Yeah, that Vietnam War’s been going on for, what, 40 + years now.

          • Aloisius says:

            If you think Vietnam was ended because of the anti-war movement, I have a bridge to sell you.

            What is hilarious is that the right thinks you guys employ Saul Alinsky tactics when in reality, you’re the anti-Alinsky. Alinsky was at least successful in his community organizing (and has some unkind things to say about how the Vietnam anti-war movement was organized).

            Mind you, I’m not criticizing the beliefs of Occupy. I believe in quite a few of them. I just think the “organization” (if you can call it that) is a joke.

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            The war ended because the Vietnamese won. But the protests in the US certainly contributed to it.

          • Cowicide says:

            they’ve failed to make any real structural change

            If you expect “real structural change” of a world power with a massively entrenched, corrupt corporatist aristocracy (with its claws buried deep into nearly every aspect of it) within a year then I want some tokes of what you’re smoking. It’s gotta be good shit.

            I expected you know, a few hundred new Occupy-backed Mayors and other officials to be elected nationwide

            I other words, you were expecting the status quo. Tea baggers ended up with nothing with those tactics (in the end). Systemic change isn’t going to happen with a few bobble-head politicians who are beholden to monied interests in order to garner reelection (you know, our current reality).

            Occupy is (mostly) a campaign of spreading knowledge to the masses. We’ve accomplished that in spades and in the short time that Occupy has been around many positive results have occurred despite the corporatist machine that does everything in its power to keep people in the dark and keep the status quo.

            If you want quick results, go play some video games. Real life doesn’t work that way. Significantly altering the structure of a world power without massive bloodshed isn’t something that’s going to happen quickly. This is going to take decades.

            And I don’t live in New York so I wouldn’t know what is going on there.

            So, the information age has passed you by? That explains a lot.

            some level of support from a wide cross section of America (you know, like some old people)

            There is.

        • Navin_Johnson says:

          The fact that people like you (and the media) are dishonestly still constantly trying to discredit it is pretty good proof that it is still relevant.  That and the fact that it has completely changed the mainstream dialogue on inequality and our damaged democracy, and all while failing to be co-opted or undermined by either party or by other interests.

          Again, it’s funny that you claim to have thought they didn’t exist, but have managed to make at least a couple disparaging internet comments about #OWS in the week or so before…..  embarrassing.

        • Navin_Johnson says:

          Here in San Francisco, Occupy has ceased to exist outside a small table three guys set up on Market street.

          A pretty easily debunked lie:

          • Aloisius says:

            Lie? BS.

            Occupy here is, if not dead, nearly so. A march on an anniversary is just its death throes.

          • Navin_Johnson says:

            Amazing how 45 people getting arrested just recently translates to 3 guys and a table.  Show a little self respect. You’ve been shamed dead to rights, right down to the embarrassing fact that you’ve been recently complaining about Occupy while simultaneously acting like you didn’t know it was still around. This is when you say “fair enough” and wander off.

            “They are so dead and irrelevant that I must set out upon the internet and crow about it!”

          • Aloisius says:

            I was not at all implying that the three people (yes, literally three, I walk by them every day on the way to work) camped out on Market street were the same as the 45 people who got arrested.

            And I’m happy to crow about Sarah Palin and George Bush too. Just because I do doesn’t mean she’s all of a sudden relevant again.

  2. babVU98i says:

    The one on the left is Occupy.  That’s Anonymous on the right.

  3. IrishDemon says:

    Cleavage sells!

  4. bcsizemo says:

    Push them up any higher and I’m not sure she’ll need the mask.

  5. blah says:

    The flickr link seems to be private?

  6. Grey Devil says:

     There is something deeply ironic in buying something that is a symbol of free culture, and anarchy to some extent.

    • gianteye says:

      I feel the same thing, sometimes. I made the original design for friends, and other people started asking for their own copies. I started charging for the design to pay my printers and get something back for the time spent packing up orders and responding to customers. It steadily grew my store, and allowed me to transition into a job designing my own objects and ideas full time, instead of being a wheel in someone else’s machine. I tried to contribute as much back as I could, handing out bandanas at protests, giving one away for each one sold, and releasing the design open source with instructions on how to make your own:

      There’s a crucial line between contributing free things that enrich the community because you have a job that allows you the freedom, flexibility, and money to make something to give back, and burning out because you believe in free culture but aren’t able to get back an equivalent of what you put in. I suppose a lot of it is how much money becomes a determining factor in what you create, rather than an element in the ecosystem of your designs.

      • AndersArildsson says:

        Nothing ironic about it… Nobody is blaming you. Would it be better to buy the plastic mask and contribute to the movie giants and their banks?

    • Ipo says:

       No, it isn’t. 
      It would be if you bought this “symbol” from Bank of America or their ilk.  If you think people protesting Wall Street feel that nobody should get paid for their work you need to pay much more attention, or just give up on trying to understand current affairs. 

    • OtherMichael says:

      There is something deeply ironic in buying something that is a symbol of free culture

      Free as in speech, or free as in beer?

      I’ll gladly give you my award-winning beer recipe for free, if you want to brew your own.

      But if you want me to ship you a six-pack, you’re going to have to pony up via PayPal.

  7. foxtongue says:

    Hi! I work for Sleek & Destroy and just wanted to let you know that we also have a Tumblr,,

    We also ran into Cory wearing one of our bandanas at Burning Man. :-)

  8. nixiebunny says:

    Why would we bother looking at Cory modeling this, after that photo?

  9. Daneel says:

    There’s a scarf in this photo?

  10. dmc10 says:

    With those two bountiful ‘ladies’ I don’t think she’d  need to cover her face, because… well, call me captain obvious…

  11. magicdragonfly says:

    She’s not a “hot” occu-babe just because she’s got large breasts, right? 

  12. Commenter mentions a woman in a video has one sleeve a different colour to the other and is wearing nail polish: SEXUALISING SEXISM

    Xeni calling a lady ‘occubabe’ who’s modelling a face scarf with her tits: Totally kosher.

    I don’t even…

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      You don’t really get figurative speech, do you?

    • TheMudshark says:

      I would say the difference is that one woman was trying to introduce her audience to the world of Hexaflexagons, while the other is selling scarves with her boobs. This whole definition of sexism thing is rather convoluted but I don´t mind as long as I get to look at a nice pair every once in a while.

      • The other, more crucial difference you omitted was that no one was actually sexualising Ms Hexaflexagons in the first place (which was more my point).

        And how do you know this model doesn’t just happen to have massive boobs, that are completely incidental to the promotion of the item? Pig!

  13. HubrisSonic says:

    Everyone in this thread is a nazi. 

  14. puppybeard says:

    The revolution will apparently be commoditised.

    • Boundegar says:

      You’re too young to remember the 70s, I assume.

      • puppybeard says:

        I am, but in Ireland in the 70′s fuck all people had the money to be worth marketing to in any case.

        Hunger strikes could have been turned into a fad diet, the IRA really missed a trick there.

  15. What mask-scarves? Can’t see any.

  16. Paul Bowen says:

    Yeah, the pic of Cory is better.

  17. pKp says:

    Bought (preordered ?) one of those when they were first posted here. Never received it. I live overseas, but still…caveat emptor.

    • gianteye says:

      Really? Could you ping me through etsy with your order#? I don’t track packages internationally, but can find out some more information on what happened to your order and send a replacement. So sorry your order didn’t arrive.

  18. ChicagoD says:

    An Asian woman with awesome big boobs and purple hair. Good thing she’s wearing a mask so we couldn’t identify her later . . .

  19. Tim Anderson says:

    wow that’s a pretty cool scar….bewbs.  what was the subject of the picture again?

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