Cheesy video for AT&T's Frame Creation Terminal, a 1982 graphics workstation

The Bell Labs-produced Frame Creation Terminal (FCT) was an all-in-one graphics system designed to generate the types of pages used by the Viewtron system.

Price: $34,000 in 1982 dollars, or about $81K today. The first customer for this system was Viewdata Corporation, the company jointly owned by AT&T and Knight-Ridder.

More about the system here, and more awesomely cheeseball videos in the AT&T Tech Channel on YouTube.


  1. I remember using the Viewtron system back when I was much, much younger.  A friend of mine in high school had the service in West Palm Beach, FL.  The box hooked up to your TV, and had a 1200 baud modem (OMG the speed).  For the time, it was a very cool (if expensive) service.

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