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4 Responses to “Cheesy video for AT&T's Frame Creation Terminal, a 1982 graphics workstation”

  1. lecti says:

    Yes it is awesome.

    About the last 5 min of the video: was it that difficult to hire someone who can draw back then?

  2. Frank Diekman says:

    At 0:49 – Hello, I’m Troy McClure!

  3. its amazing how subjective ‘high resolution’ is, i bet there’s a ‘moor’s law’ ish curve around there somewhere

  4. I remember using the Viewtron system back when I was much, much younger.  A friend of mine in high school had the service in West Palm Beach, FL.  The box hooked up to your TV, and had a 1200 baud modem (OMG the speed).  For the time, it was a very cool (if expensive) service.