Disneyland employee cafeteria, 1961

This pic from the Disneyland employee cafeteria in 1961 has got to be staged (the astronaut with his helmet still on is a bit of a giveaway), but it's still a great shot.

Disneyland’s backstage cafeteria, 1961


  1. I’m sure it would be much easier to wear the helmet until you get your tray to your table, than to carry it AND the tray. Just take off the helmet when you get to the table. That doesn’t mean it’s NOT staged, but that’s hardly evidence it IS.

    1.  My guess is that the food there is really bad and the astronaut needed an excuse to not eat it.

  2. It’s likely that the actors aren’t allowed to eat while in costume, for fear of staining it.  

  3. Staged granted I worked there 40 years after this but several reason why this is staged.  Pictures back stage are frowned on. pictures of costumed characters back stage totally not allowed. Characters work in shifts so there are always plenty in the park, you never see that many of them at once.  As stated astronaut helmet, cowboy hat, cape, no one would be wearing that crap while not on stage. The only actor I ever saw wearing anywhere close to his full costume back stage was Tarzan and that’s because his costume was a speedo and make up, you would normally find him sitting alone wearing a robe..  All the rest would usually have their pants on and a t-shirt.

  4. Oh and Goofy still in full costume with head on.  The head they have now with fancy rigging and supports suck, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to wear a more primitive version while on break.

  5. Must be staged. They’re smiling during their downtime.. If you ever knew anyone that worked there as a character you know that is unlikely.

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